WhaleTime Tours

 We started the school holidays in December 2016 with a visit to the Maritime Museum and were lucky enough to catch a tour with the WhaleTime guides as they had started putting all that they had learnt into practice.  It was great being able to take my children on this tour that taught them about these amazing creatures which we have been lucky enough to witness from the beach on numerous occasions but had little knowledge of. We learnt which whales graced our coastlines and how to tell the difference as to which one was which.

By the time the tour had finished we knew a bit about the history of whaling, the awful way in which these beautiful creatures were almost hunted to extinction, when we can expect to see them and that when they head back down South we should be looking out for the new born calves. We are so lucky that whales come and visit us each year and now that we know more about them we wait in anticipation for them to come back so we can share our knowledge with others. 

For the second part of the tour the kids got to go on the boats which was perfect for them to let off some steam after concentrating. The guides led us onto the boats and showed us where the crew slept, ate, worked and we weaved through corridors and up and down ladders. A real little adventure for us all. 


Thanks so much for the tour Whale Time! 



Casey Pratt