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Do you remember? 

One of our talented WhaleTime guides moonlights as a poet... yes a poet! We are lucky enough to see what happens when these two unique talents mix. 



Do you remember?


Do you remember;

The olden days

When we were harpooned

And separated from our

Mothers and fathers?

For oil and blubber?


Do you remember?

Those days when we wandered

On those sleepless oceans

Deeper than the ocean of our emotions?


Together with the oceans

We humped -on our backs

Believed to be the right whales to be hunted!


Watching humanity dwarfing

On our Minke whales

Tearing our environment into pieces

Feeding on our whales killing!


Do you remember?

That feeling when there was no breaching, flipping, slapping or lob-tailing?

It was only killing


No time to observe our calves breeding


Breaching was not an option

But the International Whale Convention

Was the solution

To end the harpooning and the killing


As if we not have feelings

Watching humanity destroying our calving whales

For feeding

Didn’t even care that we are bleeding


We lost our families

And siblings

Captivated in chains

And manacles

But today our freedom us a miracle!


From 1975

Till this day, we lift our flippers high

Expressing our gratitude to own back our lives

Still we rise

Sailing and lob-tailing

Flipper slapping; spy-hopping and breaching

To reach the horizon of our population size


Today our population thrive

As we strive

Hoping that humanity will protect our oceans

To spare our lives

So we plead,


Please keep our precious whales alive

So you can remember

Do you remember?


Written by Mthobisi Mzulwini